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We help organizations with a full 360º DEI strategic approach to all of your needs. 

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Full-Service DEI Consulting

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Our Corporate Learning Solutions & Services

We provide organizations with a multitude of DEI solutions that creates impact on their goals, initiatives, and bottom line. 

Full-Service DEI Consulting

We have the best coaches, because first they were the MVP's.  Retain our consultants to do the heavy lifting for you! From ERG creation to Succession Planning, we can assist with anything you need within the Hiring and DEI space.

360º Training and Development

We provide an immersive training environment for organizations in any industry. 
We facilitate custom learning experiences for learners at any level of expertise. 

DEI DNA Diagnostic™

Curious where your organization ranks on their DEI efforts? We offer an organization health & gap assessment that provides you with your DEI Roadmap. 

Custom Corporate Curriculum 

 If your org has DEI goals and initiatives; let us help you accomplish them! We create custom curriculum content that lives within your organization's LMS. 

Team Certifications

Get your hiring professionals an industry recognized certification & badge that illustrates their level of skill
We provide certification tests & programs for all three occupational lenses. 

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

If your organization is looking for seasoned speakers within the DEI space; we have the experience and the rolodex to assist with any DEI needs. 

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Our vision is to guide YOUR company through their DEI goals and initiatives the most efficient and effective way possible. We do this with our highly experienced DEI hiring professionals. 
We make education accessible for companies in any working environment. Whether it is a plant site, an OTR drive, or a wall street team. Our doors are open to any industry and any size of business.
Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire social equity passion, and increase learners' intrinsic empathy & inclusion. Our customizable content is tailored to generate the most learning for your employees.