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We make education accessible for learners from any company.
Our doors are open to learners of all abilities and any level of experience in hiring.
Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire social passion, and increase students' self-confidence in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion space. 
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DEI Lab Leaders

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Cynthia H. MA

Chief Instructional designer 
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Ashley K. MA, SHRM-CP

Chief Instructor 
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Allyson H. DEIL-SCP

Lead Program Manager


Peer-Review Consultants    

Become an impactful DEI hiring professional, with verified  and reviewed content by doctoral level professionals, behavioral researchers, & core curriculum subject specialists.

Subject Matter Partners    

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals as they teach you their tips in our hosted interviews.

Protected Class Members    

Everyone is different, and no one experience is the same. Boost your confidence, when discussing DEI by learning from the members of those communities. 

Subject Matter Partners

These are just a few of our vetted experts for and from each protected class.

Suzan Nguyen

Desiree Goldey

Paul Lapido 

Jeffrey Korzenik

Daniela Herrera 

Sara Shouhayib-Alawar

Eric Williamson

Allyson Haro

Amena Chaudhry 

Learn More About DEI Lab's SMPs

Our vision

Our vision is to lessen the wealth gap in America through educating HR and Talent Professionals the Economic Gate Keepers.

Learnings Done

Course Completion Rate

We offer the best training

We’ve been educating for over 10 cumulative years. By choosing us you are opting for a full-training program that will support you from start to finish.

Easy Platform

We provide a cross-sectional approach to our teachings that encompass more protected class perspectives than any other DEI hiring education platform. 

Best Service

An ever-growing selection of courses that are evidence-based from leading specialists from around the world.

Expert Professionals

Our professional educators and cutting-edge content will make our learning library your go-to education provider for all of your DEI needs.
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