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Our #1 Selling Product & Bundle: 

DEI Labs ® Core Curriculum I-III + Occupational Lens 

Occupational Lenses

360 Talent & Recruitment Training

Topics Covered: 

  • Talent Infrastructure
  • Talent Attraction
  • Talent Acquisition FLC
  • Sourcing & Screening
  • Talent Integration
  • Talent Development & Retention
  • Talent Operations, Data & Analytics
    And so much more!

360 Human Resources Training

Topics Covered:
  • People Strategy
  • Employee Relations
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Executive Partnership
  • Talent Mobility
  • Talent Development and Retention
And so much more!                          

360 Hiring Related Training

Topics Covered:
  • DEI Relations & Communications
  • Executive Buy-In & Budget Planning
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Interviewing & Assessing 101-104
  • DEI Gaps-at-a Glance™
  • People Strategy
  • And so much more!
Want the hands-on toolkit to execute all that you've learned?

Access to Our Resource Bank is Highly Sought After 

We provide a resource reservoir customized for each occupational lens' need. 

  • Talent: has all vendor, recruitment, and sourcing resources. 
  • HR: has vendor, policy, legislative and full-life cycle resources. 
  • Related Professional: has several infographics and SME, Influencer, or keynote speaker rolodex. 
Want to excel but don't have the best mentor or manager? 

Learn with us! 🤓

We offer 1/1 coaching for hiring professionals. We can provide a plethora of trainings and learning options for individuals who prefer are more private environment. 

Subject Matter Partners

Learn about tools used by the world's top professionals.

Personalized Education

We will meet you where you are on your learning journey. 

Read. Watch. Learn.

Boost your confidence, with access to our resource bank.
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Resume Righting's Experience
With several years of Talent Acquisition experience, their team has a
wealth of knowledge with managerial feedback, recruiter requirements, and knowledge of the trends and decision making criteria that most segments of the business utilize to identify potential candidates. This Market, Trend and Industry knowledge is the backbone of our Resume Righting Philosophy. 

Why Them?
Their Resume Righters, have helped place over 200 candidates with various employers throughout their experience. 
Some of the previous employers to interview Resume Righting Candidates are: ExxonMobile, PWC, BMC, TIAA-Cref, Various Local ISD, Texas Children's Hospital, Google, NASA, Camden Properties, META, and numerous others. 

Core Curriculum Individual Courses

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You will have the opportunity to receive a certificate to guarantee your expertise in DEI Talent, Recruitment, and Sourcing.
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The best educational experience for remote learning

Get your executives on-board with DEI, through immersive learning.

Become a DEI labs certified sourcer or recruiter.   

  • Outstanding features for highly customizable teachings
  • We have teachings for DEI beginners & advanced professionals.
  • Boost your confidence, master the field, and become a certified professional.