Our thoughts: 

When one succeeds, we all succeed.

We believe high tides raise all boats. 

We believe that there must be an intrinsic presence of equity and inclusion, for any organization to thrive.

So, we do things a little different around here!
We're structured to operate the way we want to see employment be in the future; we're being the difference we want to see in the world. 

We believe in:
  • A humans > company policy
  • The Lab's signature  DEI DNA org structure 
  • Salary transparency
  • Benefits, fit for any & all
  • A remote-first workforce
  • Ingrained accommodations for all abilities
  • Fluency in compassion, curiosity, data, and empathy 

    All day. Every day.

    We believe regardless of where you started; if you exhibit grit for autonomous learning, a passion for social equity, and unconditional empathy for others, you can succeed here
[Description: Picture of a desk with books, a lamp, a typewriter and a framed photo that states: "Dream of things that have never been but someday will be".]
[Description: A very chic office set up, we wish we could claim. A tan chair with a desk that has a pixar-like gold lamp and a small plant in a clay like pot.]
What we're looking for

We create DEI learning content daily.

Interested in being a part of our mission? 

We are looking to partner with qualified consultants to contribute in the following areas: 
  • Tenured DEI, Talent, or HR Professionals
  • Video Streaming or Podcast Interviews
  • PhD Peer-Reviewers
  • Live Fire Side Chats
  • Subject Matter Experts 
  • Peer-Review our Research
  • Editors, Fact-Checking Sourcers
  • Prospective Solutions Panelist
  • Protected Class Members & Liaison 

The Art of Making

We want to amplify voices from all intersections and their real-life experiences as much as possible.

We truly believe the best part of our offerings is due to our content creators and protected class liaisons. 
Be a part of a big mission!

The Philosophy

We believe social equity is a team sport; and we want to be your water girls.

Meaning, when clients need a SME they have your number on speed-dial for all their events; because we gave it to them. 

Top Perspectives

We host the top researchers and equity educators in the field on our platform. 

We thoroughly vet all members or educators in our product to provide the best learning experience possible to our clients. 

A Protected Class Liaison:
How Your Stories Matter

#Educating | #Growing | #Impacting |

When you hear from the members of the protected classes, it really changes how you think of creating policies and procedures. Having the opportunity to look through their lens; has truly been changing. 

Nate' M. 

As a viewer of the content and a member of two protected classes; I felt heard and seen through this course. 
They do not bring a one-size fits all approach. Because of that, I learned so much more. 

Madison M.

I am fairly knowledgeable about the DEI subject, but this course is on another level. 
You will learn about yourself, others, and society as a whole. This course truly does force you to look at every hiring decision with a different lens. 

Spiral J.

So like, do you want
to study with us? 🤓