Have your hiring team start their learning journey today 

We provide a platform for professionals and full consultation services for organization teams to learn in an effective way about DEI subjects that interest them.

The courses can be taken in 3 formats: In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote. 


Our instructors help professionals progress in their careers by offering high quality, real-time learning programs.

We offer these 5-day sessions at various times and locations depending on the organizational need. 

These sessions are combination courses of the core curriculum and an occupational lens. 


Gain the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career from the comfort of your own home. 

Take our instructor-led, 100% online course. Select from our ranges of class availabilities. 

Learners will experience this 10-week journey with a maximum of 18 other learners. 


This course will give you full autonomy of your learning experience. 

You will be provided with the learning material for 180 days, and with the ability to learn at your own pace and at your convenience. 

This course is self-led, but still has full access to our student services and community. 

Companies & Teams

Get customized learnings, specific to your corporate needs.
We create real-time solutions using your organization's tech-stack & tools, procedures, and philosophies.

This custom curriculum is tailored to the company's culture, annual initiatives, growth areas, and so much more. 

We have the ability to create company custom digital content, including: podcast listening guides, executive interviews, e-books, and many other learning materials your team may need for onboarding in the years to come.

Have learners in the field? No worries, we have an app for that! Have your learners take your custom courses right from their phone! 
[Description: From left, the individual is in a white shirt with grey pants seated in a black wheel chair shaking a hand, another individual is seen onlooking with a blue jacket and white shirt, a third individual in a brown sweater with the fourth member out of camera shot.] 
[Description: Team of three gather. From left, Individual in brown framed reading glasses and a cream shirt. Another individual with red/brown hair with black framed glasses, pointing at a screen. Another Individual with black hair and a red/orange shirt also looking at the screen. ]

Individual Learners

Learn all the special tips and tricks taught in the big leagues by the Fortune 500 logos.

We host five 10-week hybrid semester program throughout the year for cohort style learning. 

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to learn about social equity, regardless of the employer logos you have access to. 

Unlimited learning anywhere.

Our Lab Method.

What makes us the most effective training and development organization on the market for hiring professionals?

Who Trains You 

Our instructors are well-qualified, with over 35 cumulative years of equity, education, and hiring experience. 

The courses and content are relevant, thorough, and interactive; along with being peer-reviewed by several professionals. 

Our instructional designers utilize scientific methods to create a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. 

How You're Trained

Our content and instructors meet each learner where they are on their learning journey.

Our intake process will identify competency growth opportunities, and provide a custom learning experience for their individual needs.  

We believe in the power to choose, each learner can learn exactly what they want by selecting from our knowledge content library for electives along your semester.

Who You Learn With

We exclusively educate hiring decision makers.

When it comes to those who create hiring processes, policies, or strategies, community is our strongest resource. 

Strategize with other professionals just like you, in our community portal.  

How You Make Impact

Simple corporate solutions do not solve for systemic issues.

Our training is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, strategies, and methods for a practical approach to DEI. 

Our goal is to lessen the wealth gap in America. 

We make real results happen.

Choose from hundreds of courses and expert articles, and have one of our seasoned instructors monitor your progress and offer guidance as you work towards your DEI goals.



We never stop creating new ways to make learning simpler.

Prepare for your career

We are dedicated to helping students transition into a strategic hiring partner and prepare them for the field.

Expert instructors

Our courses are fully accredited and taught by people who have worked in their respective fields, often completing graduate degrees as well.

Diverse courses

Our online learning school specializes in delivering diverse professional and business courses to learners through numerous kinesthetic and data-backed methods. 

At your own pace

With a low-commitment format, our school is a great place for those who want to devote some time to learning on their own time.

Company learning when & where you want it.

Have workers in the field or on the move? We have an app for that. Take all of your learning on the go!
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