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Our vision is to make YOU more creative, more proficient, more effective, more strategic for DEI practicing in the hiring space

Vetted, Experienced, & Knowledgable Professionals

We partner with experienced individuals who are leading experts in their fields. 

Access directly to our SMP's

Want to learn more about our partners, their work, or services? Get direct access to them here! 

Insights from the protected class 

We listen to advisement from the members of the protected class, ensuring our partners are reflective of the communities we serve.

Meet Our Subject Matter Partners đź‘‹

Amena Chaudhry, M.A.
Multi-Cultural Inclusion

IDI Assessor | Executive Inclusion Coach & C-Suite Trainer | Equity Expert | DEI Speaker and Facilitator Follow Me Below

Suzan Nguyen

Mrs. Universe | Yahoo's Most Influential | TedX Speaker | Author of One-Armed but not Unarmed  | Happiness Coach 

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Paul Ladipo
Color | Race | Ethnicity

Anti-Racism Educator | Inclusion Coach | Racial Equity Leader | DEI Speaker and Facilitator Follow Me Below

Sara Shouhayib-Alawar

Emmy Award Winning Journalist | 40 under 40 Arab Americans Foundation | The National Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce Woman's Day Award Winner 

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Cynthia H, M.A.
I/O Psychology

Tenured Instructional Designer | I/O & Social Psychology Researcher | Training & Development | Adult Learning Specialist

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Sarah Blankenship

Creator, GenX Nation | Anti-Ageism Leader & Influencer | Workforce Transition Coach 

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Eric Williams
Interpersonal Relations

Author of How to Work with Jerks | Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Interpersonal Relations Liaison

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Jeffrey Koreznik

Author of Untapped Talent  |  Chief Economist | VP at World Bank | Second & Fair Chance Employment Champion

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Daniela Herrera
National Origin | Immigration

Award-Winning Talent Acquisition Specialist | Latin & Bilingual DEI Specialist | Keynote Speaker & Immigration Mentor

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Allyson Haro
Talent Acquisition | HR

Award-Winning Talent Program Creator | Senior Executive Recruiter | Revenue Talent Expert 

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Desiree Goldey
Sex | Color | Race | Ethnicity

CEO, Do Better |
Diversity & Inclusion Director, ZRG Partners | Talent Acquisition & RPO Leader

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Ashley King, M.A. SHRM-CP
Chief Instructor

Founder of DEI Labs | Award-Winning Talent Professional | I/O & Social Psychology | Traditional Genders & Anti-Blackness Studies | Behavioral Researcher & Analyst 
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Why do we have

Subject Matter Partners? 

No Group is a Monolith

This having multiple members from all protected classes ensure we can encompass more perspectives. 

Expert Instructors

By having field experienced individuals providing insights, we ensure tried and true methods

Data-Backed Decisions

All SMP's have been vetted for their decision making methodologies, we are rooted in data-backed decision making. 

Who Better Than HR & Talent Professionals

Hear from our HR and Talent Professionals from tech start-ups, Fortune 500, and Staffing.

Meeting at the Intersections

We aim to provide the most equitable and inclusive creative solutions for businesses and we do through this with our multi-intersectional practices. 

Niche Learnings

Each partner we collaborate with offers a unique opinion, insights, and perspectives. When combined with their niche skill set, they provide some of the most innovative insights.